High quality outdoor IP44 220VAC Light control Photo sensor switch automatic photocell for lamps

Free Shipping Light Control Sensor Automatic Photocell Switch For Lamps Lux Adjustable And Time Setting ET300
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Item Specifics

Item TypeSwitches
Brand NameSENSKY
Switch TypePhotoelectric Switch

Product Description

High quality outdoor IP44 220V AC Light control Photo sensor switch automatic photocell switch for lamps

when you use our light sensor ET300, please keep the light sensor in the darkness(put it in a box) at least 1 minute, then the light will turning on.

Also when you take it out from the box, the light will not turning off right now, only after 1 minute later the light will turning off.

Automatic Light control sensor switch (photcell)

This item is an automatic photocell switch for lamps. When the ambient-light darken to the LUX you setting in advnace,the lighting will turn on. The lighting will turn off at the preset time or ambient-light lager than the setting LUX. it adds the functions of LUX adjustable and TIME setting. It is more easier and confortable for user.


Power source: 220V-240V/AC Power Frequency: 50Hz Rated Current: 6A Ambient Light: <3-200LUX(adjustable) TIMER setting range: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 hours (adjustable) or run dark to dawn only Working Temperature: -20~+40 Working Humidity: <93%RH


LUX adjustable: turn to MOON position with anticlockwise, it means the photocell will only work in the dark(less than 3LUX). If slowly turn to SUN position with clockwise, it will change the LUX value from dark to dawn, and working in dawn only. TIMER setting: this photocell has regular light-controlled function (light is turned on in the night, and turned off in the daylight) and TIMER function, it means that you can set time you want the photocell works with a stated LUX value

INSTALLATION(see the figures)

1.Switch off the power.

2.Moving the screws in the items and cover, Mount the bottom case on the wall and connect the cable as shown in connection-wire figure.

3.Please install the item with the correct direction what shows in the cover and according to the correct installation place with the enclosed inflated screws.

4.Please install the item with the Screwing the cover. Switch on the power and test it.



The LED will flash to display the preset times as following:

1 hour: flash one time 2 hours: flash two times 3 hours: flash three times 4 hours: flash four times 5 hours: flash five times 6 hours: flash six times 7 hours: flash seven times 8 hours: flash eight times more than 8 hours: flash nine times dusk to dawn: rapidly flash about 3 seconds


Switch on the power. Please prepare a opaque (such as towel) when you testing in daytime. When the towel covers the detection window of the photocell, the ambient light of the items will be dark, it makes lamp on. When take off the towel, it makes lamp off by automatically. This item could be chosen and adjust the detect light by user between from 2LUX (dark) or 200LUX (dawn).


In front of the photocell, it should be no obstruction effecting to accept natural light. In front of the photocell, it should be no swaying object. Don\'t install the photocell under of light or the place where the light will be irradiated to the photocell. When lamp is on and the intensity of another light source reaches the light off LUX value, and this light lasts for more than one minute, the lamp will switch off, the electronic TIMER will stop counting. The TIMER will be counted from starting when the light is turned on in next time.. The electronic TIMER will reset by the following status when the power off over 2~5 seconds

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